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Focus Education Centres

Welcome to genuine, individual, 21st Century education for your children.

Education has been forced to embrace change as never before. Parents and children have experienced an alternative, effective learning experience, and so many are questioning their automatic acceptance that traditional schools are the only option or the right fit for all or some of their children.

FEC assists parents and pupils on their journey to a full, UMALUSI-approved South African Grade 12 certification with several Curriculum Providers, through professional, relevant, and more affordable services.

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When typical schooling isn't the only option anymore! 

  • We used to think that traditional schools were the only way, and we didn't even really consider other possibilities

  • Yet:

    • What if another avenue is better-suited to your child, even if another child in the home shines in a traditional school?​

    • What if your child would thrive in a tutor-led environment?

  • We're no longer a one-size-must-fit-all​ world - we celebrate individuals

    • Some kids have loved working at their own pace​

    • Many have enjoyed getting work done in 40% of the class time, and then using their extra time for relaxation, games, or further learning

    • So many have appreciated their less stressed day

    • Others have missed their usual school, and just want to be back! 


  • Some schools are churning out unthinking, ill-prepared, sameness in every generation. 

  • Of course your kids need content and assessment, and we'll partner with you in that, but we want to instill a life-long learner in them, and to explore things that interest them, too.

  • Let FEC be your child's route back to when the baseline was a learning launching pad, not the goal in itself.

We support on-line learning of various types and costs, but also a more book and paper approach with digital support, rather than fully digital classes.

Focus Education Centres is not about uniform, hair regulations, or the never-ending "extras" on your account.

It is the vision and passion of a Principal of many years standing in the traditional Independent Schools system, and one born of a belief that kids deserve a better opportunity in their journey of life-long learning.

It is a return to the core behind  what learning should be - do the basics, but explore your curiosity!

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Supervised free time after homework

  • Internet access for homework and research

  • Access to Harvard, and other online certification course


These activities may be accessed by Home School and Homework Centre people.

Some activities may be available during the Home School day.

Some activities are at extra cost.

  • Piano lessons,

  • Music theory,

  • Art lessons



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We want to build a better future for individuals, our nation, and our world.

Fulfillment of our mission requires that we prepare competent, committed, and reflective citizens through dynamic 21st Century methodology, innovative and impacting resourcing, and meaningful outreach.

We seek partners in our determination to expand quality education opportunities to all areas.


Our vision is one of transformation.

We anticipate Focus Education Centres across the social, economic, and geographical scope of the country  

We identify and debate critical world issues and their ethical call on us all.

We inculcate a love for life-long learning in  your children who are our world's future influencers.

We believe in the power and success of the individual, and their resulting positive contribution to the community.



We are unwavering in our belief in every individual’s potential.

We believe in personal responsibility and accountability as learning opportunities.

We embrace respect for others in the community, and respect for community diversity.

We believe in the pursuit of growth and learning.

We embrace and drive change.

We stress ethics and dignity.

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the Director


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John Pilkington has been a Principal at three Independent Johannesburg schools, High School Head of an Independent School on the KZN South Coast, Head of English-medium Subjects [Maths, Sciences, and English] at an Independent School in the Sultanate of Oman, Head of Department at Independent and State schools, and he has headed both English and History Departments.

He is currently the Executive Head of a large school in Johannesburg and his daughter, Nicola Maboa heads and manages the centre


His extensive school management experience ranges from Pre-grade 000 to Grade 12 in a 34 year career that has seen him teach English, Afrikaans, history, geography, and maths at various levels, from Grade 3 English in Oman, Year 6 and 7 English in the UK, and to Grade 12 History and English with the Independent Examinations Board here in South Africa.

He has also marked Grade 12 IEB Final Exams, been involved with Home Schooling of his own kids while in the Middle East, and co-authored a History text book series.

After 34 years of experience, John is convinced that traditional schooling has its place, yet there is a need to re-open other avenues that will make excellent education available to more people than ever before.

Not all children are suited to traditional schooling. Not all parents can afford traditional Independent Schools, and the current economy will impact that group further. Suitable schools may be overcrowded, or too far away. Too many schools are semi-dis-functional, while some are simply untenable.


John has coached to First XI cricket level, 2nd XV rugby, swimming, and athletics, and refereed to club rugby level, yet he knows that the world is changing in affording greater opportunities outside of school-based participation. Sport and other activities are increasingly available in clubs, gyms, leagues, private lessons, eisteddfods, studios, and other venues, and parents are questioning the need for compulsory school activities when their child excels or simply loves participating in other arenas.

The professional guidance of an expert in the field is still vital to academic success, and Focus Education Centres

offers you John’s services – assisted by other experts – in looking at education differently.  

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7 Leeubekkie Street,

Jukskei Park, Johannesburg


Nicola 064 6831794

Thank you for contacting us!

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