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Home School Explosion!

It took a worldwide pandemic to shake the traditional thinking around education, but it has finally happened.

I met a man in IT recently who said that even medical doctors will be a thing of the past as technology advances. It wasn't something that I have considered in the past, yet whether or not it comes to pass, the truth is that people at the forefront of tech advancement are able to even conceptualize such a happening, and that is amazing.

While we were at home under lockdown with our kids it was certainly easier to face the daily grind of getting to grips with Visual Arts, LO, and EMS even as we wondered just why we didn't just leave Social Sciences as history and geography! Now that we are - mostly - back at work we cannot face that same challenge, nor can our kids be left at home on their own, or trusted to do their work unsupervised.

Hence the home school explosion in almost every neighbourhood!

These options are generally good, and like schools they may even specialize in subjects or phases. For the most part you will get value for money, and the price ranges for their services. Inevitably, though, there will be those who are not very good, and whose owner's entire claim to being qualified to supervise curricula is that they home schooled both their and the neighbor's three kids for two years. Sure they were good at it, but that does not mean that they should be responsible for a Grade 12's portfolio work!

If you read of the pedigree of the owner of Focus Education Centres it becomes quickly obvious that we are not of that ilk. Education is way too important to farm out to people who may be suited to education but are nonetheless not qualified or experienced enough.

As you search for a centre across the rural and urban landscapes of South Africa, please do pay attention to just who that person is that you will devolve daily responsibility for your child's future. With so many excellent centres around you want to be sure of the best!

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